State-of-the-Art Dentistry… with Old Fashioned State-of-the-Heart Care!


You face incessant change, something new at every turn in your world. Life has become a lot like catching one of those trains that roars through Tucson hauling cargo from LA to Houston.

For dentists, change means new procedures, better equipment and new, constantly-better materials that make dentistry increasingly comfortable for you, and better treatment options for us. The result: more satisfying outcomes for you. For example, there are new products that make even getting a cleaning more comfortable. There’s a relatively new white filling material that looks just like the tooth it is filling. We welcome better ways and higher standards. For you it means improved health and greater self esteem. In some cases that can cause new doors of opportunity to swing open for you. For us, it simply makes what we do a whole lot more meaningful.

But one thing doesn’t change. Everyone gets our VIP treatment. We make your concerns our concerns; we believe kindness, compassion, and doing the right thing matters. We treat you like close family.

That’s old fashioned, we know, but that part of old-fashioned, we believe is still cool. After all, we are not just any Cosmetic and Family Dentistry Practice. We’re YOUR family’s dentist. If you’re not yet part of our family of patients, a friendly welcome from all ten of us awaits you. You will feel that YOU are our favorite patient. Give us a call; our phone number is on the bottom of the page. Let us get to know your needs and show you how we can help.


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